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The Bushwhacker 46 was engineered to maximize and exceed the desired features utility and value for anyone seeking a universal sound suppressor. It’s performance features and available accessory options make it the best multi-caliber suppressor on the market and fits the role of the straight case hunter with big bore cartridges as well as 45 or 9mm pistol can and 30 cal. It’s a jack of all trades and the best performing silencer we’ve ever tested on a 45acp pistol. – The .46 caliber diameter provides end users with the most caliber flexibility possible while retaining quality sound suppression. .450 Bushmaster .458 socom .45-70 Govt and other large bore calibers are at home with the Bushwhacker 46. The .30 caliber Paladin blast shield front cap can be interfaced with the Bushwhacker 46 further improving sound performance on the Paladin with 30 caliber and lesser rounds like .308 Win .300 BLK and 6.5 Creedmoor. – Features: – Patented Ratchet-LOK end cap systemfor user serviceability – Patented HEDP baffles (High efficiency dual purpose) – Compatible with Griffin Taper Mount minimalist devices and TM Hammer Comp with included Plan-A and all Griffin Taper Mounts with the Plan-A XL – 1.375×24 threaded rear interface to support alternative mounting options – Supports 3-lug QD kit in 9mm and 10mm/.45 via 1.375×24 Booster piston housing – Supports rifle calibers from .22 up to 45-70 Govt. – Supports Pistol calibers up to .45 ACP – Use of 30 cal Paladin blast shield end cap increases sound performance on 30 caliber and lesser. – Specs: – 8.25 long x 1.5 diameter – 17-4 Stainless Steel tube body and front cap Black nitride finish – 6AL4V Titanium baffles – 16.3 oz in the Taper Mount configuration (using the included Plan A) – 18.1oz in the Pistol configuration – Barrel Length Ratings: 16-.45-70 .450 Bushmaster .458 SOCOM; 9.5-5.56; 6 .300BLK; 8 6.8 SPC 7.62×39; 12.5 .308Win; 20 .300WM; 24 .300RUM/.338LM


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