Night Fision Stealth Night Sight Set Glock 43 43x Ylw Blank

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Weight 0.040 lbs
Dimensions 6.700 × 4.350 × 1.050 in



Night Fision

Product Description

Night Fision night sights offer a revolutionary new design that with brighter, more vivid, aiming dots. Like all night sights, Night Fision uses self-illuminating Tritium to get the always on glow that makes them so effective. Night Fision sights have 30 percent more Tritium than most sights on the market. The Tritium insert isn’t surrounded by a painted-on ring, but rather one made of a daylight fluorescing material that produces optimum visibility in daylight. Night Fision’s Optics Ready Stealth Series sights are engineered to offer a lower 1/3 co-witness with your slide mounted red dot sight. As an alternative to repurposing Suppressor Height sights, ORS sights are designed from the dovetail up to work as back up sights for red dots, obscuring less of the optic window while still allowing three dot sight alignment if needed.