Alpha Munitions 6.5x47L Brass 100 Box


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Weight 3.100 lbs
Dimensions 6.250 × 6.000 × 3.250 in



Alpha Munitions

Product Description

Utilizing Optimized Case Design (OCD) and Optimized Case Head Technology Alpha Munitions presents its unprimed brass specifically designed for 6.5×47. Crafted to accommodate small rifle primers each piece speaks of precision and quality. Every order consisting of 100 units is expertly packed in custom Alpha Munitions containers featuring bi-layer foam perforation. This ensures not only protection for the unprimed brass but also any loaded ammunition. Choose Alpha Munitions for unparalleled excellence in your reloading needs.

Features of 6.5×47 brass:

  • (OCD) Optimized Case Design with Optimized Case Head Technology
  • Primer pockets sized for Small rifle primers
  • 100-count boxes ship in custom Alpha Munitions plastic cases with perforated bi-layer foam for protection of cases and loaded ammunition

Experience precision reloading with Alpha Munitions' advanced brass design. Buy the 6.5×47 unprimed brass now!