Lightning Ammo Reman. Cleaned & Polished Brass 38 Spl 500 Qty Jug

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Weight 5.395 lbs
Dimensions 7.500 × 4.500 × 4.250 in



Lightning Ammo

Product Description

Lightning Ammo is a division of Kluhsman Machine Inc. in business for over 39 years specializing in the race industry (KRC / Kluhsman Racing Components) and now in the ammunition world. They have always had the highest standard for precision made products. Their goal is to provide the highest quality bullets and to make them available at competitive prices.p>

Their line of bullets include the .22 Caliber .224 Diameter 55 grain FMJ-BT with cannelure as well as 35 precision hard cast bullets / cowboy bullets. Lightning Ammo also reconditions cleans and polishes fired brass casings in over 20 different calibers.