.30 Caliber/7.62mm (.308) 150 gr. HP Varminter 500 count bullets


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Product Description

Varminter is a classification of bullets is designed specifically for rapid expansion and instant kills on larger varmints and small game. The shapes of bullets in this classification include hollow point (HP) spitzer pointed flat base (SPT) and semi-pointed (SMP). Bullets in this classification have thin jackets to enhance expansion but with sufficient strength to be fired at the highest muzzle velocities in the cartridges for which they are intended. Bullets labeled as Blitz are designed for medium velocity (under 3600 fps).

Hollow Point – is a bullet shape used for the MatchKing bullets as well as a number of Varminter GameKing and Pro-Hunter bullets for hunting. The Hollow Point shape has an opening in the nose which depending on the use of the bullet may be designed for complete fragmentation controlled expansion or no expansion at all (MatchKing). With the wide range of Hollow Point bullet performance capabilities proper bullet selection for a particular use is crucial to ensure the desired performance in the field.