Lee Precision Pro 1000 44 Special 44 Mag Reloading Kit


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Weight 13.930 lbs
Dimensions 19.500 × 13.000 × 7.000 in



Lee Precision

Product Description

The Lee Precision Pro 1000 44 Speical 44 Mag Reloading Kit is a progressive 3-hole reloading kit for 44 Special and 44 Mag. It includes press, dies (Carbide Full Length Size, Powder Through Expanding and Bullet Seating dies), 3-Hole Turret, number 11 Shell Plate, Pro Auto Disk Powder Measure, Universal Case Feeder and priming system. This press only accepts the 3-Hole Turret. It is pictured mounted to the Lee Reloading Stand (Sold Separately). Warning: Only CCI or Remington brand primers are safe to use with this press.